Some clever person said that nowadays there are not much truly creative crafts left, and the two prominent are writing and programming.

I claim I do both.

While I write prose, verse, essays in Ukrainian, I write programs usually in C, which is internationally understandable (especially supplemented with comments in English; even clumsy Slavic English).

So, English version of my personal website is mostly about software, namely, free software.

Here's the Ukrainian version of this page, if you're interested.

Version ≠ Translation

Versions of bebyx.co.ua are different since created for different audiences. Though translations may occur.


My name is Artem Bebyk.

I was born and raised in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Now live in Lviv.

I write about GNU/Linux, Ukraine, freedom.

More rarely, I write poetry and translate from English into Ukrainian. I have publications in several literary magazines (for instance, in «Dzvin»).

I have served as an outsource copywriter and marketing specialist for 10 years.

Since 2020 I happily work in tech.

Currently a DevOps Engineer at SoftServe.


This website is built with pure HTML and a bit of CSS code. Automation is supplemented with Shell scripts.

Why not WordPress or some static JavaScript bloat?

Here's the answer. bestmotherfucking.website

I prefer to keep the structure as it's used to be in Gopher. It's really elegant.

Hosted on GitHub Pages. (Feel free to raise an issue or create a PR if you see a typo or anything inappropriate.)


I prefer email.

Reach me at bebyx (at) protonmail (dot) com.

Also, I have own-hosted bebyx (at) bebyx (dot) co (dot) ua. It doesn't work with gmail, though (and, maybe, some other providers, which I haven't checked). CC my protonmail to ensure delivery, if you prefer this one.

By the way, it's always pleasant to know that someone visits my site. Since I don't use Google Analytics or any other tracking software, feedback is the only way to know you read this.

So, don't hesitate and throw me an email if you want to. You're welcomed.