English version of my personal website is mostly about software, namely, free software.

Here's the Ukrainian version of this page, if you're interested.

Version ≠ Translation

Versions of bebyx.co.ua are different since created for different audiences. Though translations may occur.


My name is Artem Bebik.

I was born and raised in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Now live in Lviv.

I write about GNU/Linux, Ukraine, freedom.

More rarely, I write poetry and translate from English into Ukrainian. I have publications in several literary magazines (for instance, in «Dzvin»).

I have served as an outsource copywriter and marketing specialist for 10 years.

Since 2020, after having finished an internship at SoftServe, I happily work in tech as a DevOps Engineer

Since Novermber 2021, I'm an acossiate member of Free Software Foundation.

FSF Member


This website is built with pure HTML and a bit of CSS code. Automation is supplemented with Shell scripts.

Why not WordPress or some static JavaScript bloat?

Here's the answer. bestmotherfucking.website

I prefer to keep the structure as it's used to be in Gopher. It's really elegant.

Hosted on GitHub Pages. (Feel free to raise an issue or create a PR if you see a typo or anything inappropriate.)